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Thank you Steven for the very nice feedback! :)

make some happy.
we put a lot of love and work into the materials.

for the legacy, for now I prefer this type of materials with the legacy material which will stay for ever and will not be removed - the Corona team confirmed.
there is no drawback in using it, the physical is only easier to setup in the sense it is less easy possible to make a "non physical" material with it;)
if the legacy is used right it delivers exact the same features and quality for that type of materials PLUS that it still has the reflection color slot which I miss sometimes.

today if i make new libraries i might use the physical for more materials, but i still use both types, depending on the needs, the legacy has overall more control in the reflection, the physical has some nice new features like sheen etc so fabric or SSS related material i for sure make with the physical mat.

so both are good to use, for concrete, i think legacy is best.


James Vella:
Not to answer for Stefan-L since I'm sure he has his own reasons (and please let him explain), but from my perspective don't take the name of the material "Legacy" as some type of old-school material workflow. Legacy materials behave just the same as most standard workflows, or even your standard V-Ray materials. The "Physical" material workflow is mostly for PBR and potential "Future" compatibility. This is why the Legacy material will "never be removed", since not only does it work with previous workflows it also has a more adaptable workflow for the artist, even if the artist breaks the energy conservation rules - which is why you cant control the Reflection color and other settings since they are meant to behave in a way thats not easy for the artist to break.

So in short, if it looks good, it works well, the author (Stefan-L) did a good job. Dont be so concerned about the technical aspects unless you understand it well and want to adapt it to some particular workflow.

Ah you beat me to it Stefan :D

Thank you both Stefan-L and James for your replies. I'm new with Corona renderer and thats exactly what I was hoping to hear.
I was thinking that Legacy materials might be no longer supported in future versions and I needed to think about converting them. Great news!
Thanks again. Cheers!

Nejc Kilar:
Maybe just a little addition if I may, the Corona Physical MTL does work a bit differently under the hood sometimes - for example it is using the Oren Nayar diffuse model and there's been some improvements to the way thin glass is handled amongst others.

That said yes, nothing wrong with using the Legacy MTL, it is a fine material :)

yes Nejc,

for many thinks i love the new physical material, in special the thin surface SSS and glossy glass that is possible with it, also the coating and sheen of course.
as said it is great to have both options side by side:)



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