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Vantage for Corona

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does this means Corona will get the ability to export vrscene files? (Similar as Enscape3d has it now since last update)

this would be Big imho.
--> maybe open support for chaos cloud?
--> able even to import vrscene files from Corona C4d to Corona 3dsmax, or Vray C4d/max etc via the vrscene loader? (vrscene as ultimate exchange format between all chaos apps)

You got it, pretty much sums up the plan :) Vantage reads vrscene, so we will be converting to vrscene to allow a scene to be moved to Vantage. There are no plans for some "live link" that would act as a replacement for IR, to be clear.

This is for 12 - for 13 we aim to have vrscene import, to allow moving from Enscape to Corona. Until we get there we don't know how well that will work with our own exported vrscene, as we are focusing purely on reading what Enscape creates (which is a subset of what vrscene can be), but time will tell. So for now, it's not clear how well a Corona exported vrscene will load through the Corona load vrscene, strange as that may sound.

There are no plans for compatibility with Chaos Cloud Rendering at the moment (though with vrscene export you could, in theory only, load that into V-Ray if you happen to own it, and go with the cloud from there), but we will be supporting Cloud Collaboration in 12 (all being well, of course - plans, and things change during development, so no promises on any of the above, it is just what we are aiming to do).


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