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Corona for Rhinoceros :)?

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I am an architect and visualizer and model EVERYTHING in Rhino. Even when working in a project in Revit or Archicad I prefer to do the renders in Rhino with V-Ray.
To my knowledge, if you want to do serious render work in Rhino, V-Ray is currently one of (if not the only) serious player in the market. I would jump in an instant if Corona released a Rhino version.

--- Quote from: aaouviz on 2019-06-01, 19:20:21 ---Yup, me too.

I'd LOVE to see Corona for Rhino, but my fear is that it'll end up in a similar unfortunate situation to Vray for Rhino. That is; powerful software, almost exactly same features as in the 3DSmax version, but with almost no community... ie; no models to download and use, not many discussions, not many plug-ins, limited support etc (although, admittedly, with the plug-ins, Grasshopper is a pretty good one-stop-shop.)

These issues are the precise reason why I moved from a Rhino+Vray only workflow to Rhino-3DSmax-Corona workflow.

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Nowadays I find much easier to bring stuff to Rhino from other DCCs. V-Ray Proxy allows to bring animated .abc files, allowing for example to import an animated curtain created in Marvelous Designer. And with V7 coming up, it will become a lot easier to model a lot of things inside Rhino.


--- Quote from: Ondra on 2014-06-18, 11:57:33 ---planned ;)

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I'd be a customer...

Hello! A long time has passed. All the same, you are planning to make Corona Renderer for Rhino? ) I would very much like to work together Rhino+Corona

There are no plans to convert Corona to any other host application other than the two we currently support, sorry.


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