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Ivo Bakker:
This is great. I can not wait.
If you need any help in testing or other input please let me know. We have a studio that makes archviz with Maya and Vray. We can not wait to have Corona for Maya.

Hi TAO, I love to see that you're workingt to make it a plugin. I would love to see more and know more in the future!!
But now, how is it going?

When will the maya version be released?


--- Quote from: longhard on 2022-04-05, 09:06:58 ---When will the maya version be released?

--- End quote ---

Just in case there is any confusion, this thread is by and about third party development of a plugin/exporter. There are no plans to release an actual version of Corona that works inside Maya (so, no Maya version).

Hi everybody as I said before I'm working on the Maya plugin as a 3dparty developer and I'm waiting for Corona SDK to make it work. UI part is in a good place engine part needs SDK to work.
Be patient as the Corona developer team are busy developing Corona 8.
I will post more updates as soon as have some word with the development team.


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