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How's the latest progress?

Unfortunately, the Corona Developer team made it clear that they do not have the time to provide SDK/API to create an internal renderer for other software and that's a bummer.
So based on this point, many options can not work at all and you should always use a stand-alone version to be able to render your scene. with all this information and because I already wrote an exporter to a stand-alone version and I know the limitation, sadly there will be no point to developed the Corona Renderer for Maya anymore.
In the meantime, I will stay tuned if in the future they change their mind and provide any type of SDK.

I truly don't get the NO Maya thing. Is it political ? Probably.
Maya has a pretty big base of product designer actually, believe it or not. I am not really one of them BUT Maya lack a renderer like Corona. It is pretty unique. Houdini, I would understand since it is more VFX oriented, and even there I would say why not ? Bandwith ? Hmmm is not ChaosGroup one of the biggest Render Engine company in the market ? I believe it is. We use it at Apple, they use it almost everywhere.
So why not giving Corona the same ecosystem than Vray. Vray and Corona are not the same engine by far, Corona has its unique vibrance, tonality etc out of the bat.
Really sad to see such an opportunity being killed in the egg shell. Thank you no matter what TAO for your pretty nice work and will to bring it to Maya.

Not political at all, we have nothing against Maya :) It all comes down to a combination of staffing, budgets, (even with the size of Chaos, neither staffing nor budgets are infinite, unfortunately!), timescales (it would take years), and most of all the fact we do not want to slow down development on the existing versions of Corona. Thank you for your kind words about Corona, and the fact you like it so much you'd love to see it in other software too!


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