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Hi everyone.
For who like to see Maya version of Corona, I have a Christmas's gift, this can be a new hope.
I already create in house MayaToCorona exporter and reach the limitation of using it and want to expand it to complete integrated plugin in Maya in C++.
I'm totally new here and have a simple question that may look like silly. Where i can download the API and API documentation?

I will appreciate your help to make this happen for everyone that like to see MataToCorona happening. I will start developing as soon as get access to API and development documentation.
In addition, I already created MaxToLux internal renderer that  bring the power of LuxCoreRenderer in to 3dsmax in C++ and work on a few parts of Appleseed renderer plugin too.
If anyone wants to help in this journey, i very glad to hear, please reply to this post.
Thank you for your help.
Omid Ghotbi (TAO)

As I do not have access to any Corona renderer API yet, I'll start with creating the UI until get my hands on the API for other part of the plugin.
Here is the very first image of render settings in Autodesk Maya.

A little update for adding image filter in corona settings tab and reorganized parameters to mach exactly the same as 3dsmax plugin.

Today improvement, adding performance tab and all of its options.

I'm with you.


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