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Linear Workflow in AC / Corona?

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Hi, I'm trying to understand linear workflow in the hope of improving my renders.

I assume it's possible in AC21 / Corona A5 - would anybody be able to share some key settings?


What is Corona A5? Also, linear workflow is just the default, but I am not 100% sure what you mean - can you describe the process once you go beyond the render, so we know what you are trying to achieve? Thanks!

Oh wait, ARCHICAD - well, it's no longer supported, sorry, there's no development or support for Corona for ARCHICAD any more.

I was meaning ArchiCAD's Alpha build 5 plugin - we're still using it even it's not being developed! Still by far the best renderer for ArchiCAD out there :)

The query was if I needed to change any settings in ArchiCAD or the Corona preferences to enable a full Linear workflow, or is purely as simple as editing the gamma of any textures / colours, and then saving the result as an EXR file?

Reading about implementing it in other software / renderers, there seem to be a few render preference settings that need to be tweaked - I was just wondering if that was the case with this plugin too, as I can't see anything in the options.

No idea, sorry, since it's discontinued no-one here still works with it or even with ARCHICAD, so don't be disappointed if we can't answer (since it isn't supported now it is not in development). Maybe another user can answer though!


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