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Corona-Render archicad Version for OSX (Mac)


Hi everybody, i am new here and d'ont understand how things here are working - so it can be, that i ask complete nonsense. however, does anybody know if there is a corona-render version for osx? can't find anything. and the link "status and download thread" leads to an error-site.
thanks for an advice...

For Cinema 4D, yes (since there is no Max version for MacOS). See, there is a separate download link for Windows and for Mac.

Thanks for the answer. But i ment for archicad?

Work on ARCHICAD is suspended, sorry - see

oh, it's a pitty. so i will observe the the news about the developement for an archicad (osx) version and hope its comming one day...
Thanx for the fast Answers and good luck...


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