Author Topic: Corona standalone feature requests  (Read 31739 times)

2020-02-24, 09:11:47
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Hello and respect.First of all I like Corona renderer very much and it gives me great results as it is easy to understad.The only flaw is that you need a lot of RAM to do bigger scenes (example:with a lot of vegetation or big buildings with a lot of furniture and plants inside).So that would be my first suggestion to work on and the second one is metalness option like in vray next and the choice between glossiness and roughness workfow.I tested it on a metal shader and I came to a conclusion that roughness is inverted glossines (when I inverted and tweaked the glossiness map in output map I got the same result as metalness set to 1 instead of 0 and with changed BRDF from glossines to roughness) but correct me if I am worng.I think that is the faster way to get the realistic metal as it took me about 5 min to make one like that and it took me about 20 min to make it with glossiness map and output tweaking.