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Seeking for ARCHICAD scenes ( Possible win of Corona license ;) )

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I'm an italian architect, very happy to help you yo improve this wonderful tool for archicad. In BIM process rendering are a big part of it and the possibilities to use it in the native software it's amazing.
This is a small project for a dentist studio, but a lot it's modeled. I use Archicad to develop the project from the beginning till the building site managment. You will find a lot of documentation in wich you can see all the process.
I hope this file will help you to understand the complexity of the object we need.
In you want more complex o bigger scene tell me, i hope to help you!

I've upload the .pla file on dropbox

Uploaded a residential build in our Twinmotion template, I've only done a small amount with Corona in this file to compare the results with Cinerender but the staging may prove useful for testing. Hope this helps

Nice idea, like it very much. Hope you prepare great materials for this Corona-ARCHICAD.
I've uploaded two files, one is very unusual for ARCHICAD but almost everything was modelled inside (Sternwheeler) and another one is completely opposite :-) - simple and almost typical House (

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your scenes with us. I will lock the thread now and will choose one 'winner'. We've got 5 entries, as a DND fan I will roll a dice where:

1) raffe3003
2) insightreid
3) liukperry
4) djkt
5) Javiermarin
6) roll again...

I will post the video I hope till end of the week. Good luck!

Sorry for hijacking the topic, but what about if the dice will land on its edge? :]


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