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Fall Off shader

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As your tutorials are mostly in 3D Max... is it possible to have same fall off shader as like 3D max....?

And with some more features with gradient types and texture.


What's so bad about c4d's shaders?

I think we should wait for the nodal system to be released before making material requests. What can't be done now would most likely be done with nodes.

Nejc Kilar:

--- Quote from: Eddoron on 2018-06-01, 05:24:57 ---What's so bad about c4d's shaders?

--- End quote ---

I would presume he is referring to the idea that you can have a custom falloff curve (for a perpendicular parallel falloff / fresnel / etc... ) that is easy and straightforward to set up :)

Yes, it's not as comfortable but still possible.


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