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Corona API 2.0 created

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--- Quote from: killik on 2013-11-17, 05:11:20 ---Hi Ondra, it's possible to use API for standalone software development like etc. interactive furniture catalog?

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yes, of course

Oooh exciting!!! Maya is smiling in anticipation!!

Libor Ć tolc:
I registered to this forum yesterday and I have found that Corona is really very perspective renderer. I would like to recommend it to programmers of EasternGraphics GmbH company, because I was informed, that they would like to add new renderer plugin to pCon.planner program ,

Please, let there be a good programmer that wants to implement Corona to Modo.


--- Quote from: maru on 2013-10-30, 20:37:58 ---
--- Quote from: bouhmidage on 2013-10-30, 20:22:15 ---Archicad

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Oh god, we had Archicad classes through one semester. It was such traumatic experience.

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Please keep in mind that most of the offices in Germany and Switzerland use ArchiCad! It will be a success for Corona and a big relief for us architects...


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