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Corona API 2.0 created

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Sorry, that post was from 2013, and Archicad changed A LOT since then! I already see many amazing renders from Archicad - not only made with Corona. :)

Hi everyone.
I'm totally new here and have a simple question that may look like silly. Where i can download the API and API documentation?

I already create in house MayaToCorona exporter and reach the limitation of using it and want to expand it to complete integrated plugin in Maya in C++.
I will appreciate your help to make this happen for everyone that like to see MataToCorona happening. I will start developing as soon as get access to API and development documentation.
In addition, I already created MaxToLux internal renderer that  bring the power of LuxCoreRenderer in to 3dsmax in C++.
Read about the progress in this post.

Thank you for your help.


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