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Is there any timetable abt. Maya porting. Hope it will be right here as soon as possible.
And make it direct connected (Live Plug-ins) to "HDR Light Studio" within Maya environment is a "must" function.


No timeframe yet. As soon as I have access to the API the basic implementation will start.
Will there be a version for Maya2013 needed?
I ask because in Maya2013 there are still some problems which avoid the creation of a renderspecific segment in the shadertree. In maya2013.5 and up there will appear a own Corona segment with all necessary shading nodes.

HDR Light Studio support should be no problem. Just had a look a the website and it says that the renderer plugins are python scripted what should make it easy to implement.

I am a user of both 3ds max & Maya. Maya have much better UI (specially the marking menu & hotbox) , a logical work-flow, more stable, faster respond, much stronger functionality. Highly  recommend Corona Renderer ported to Maya a.s.a.p.  Agree,  “HDR Light Studio” supported    is a must .Thks!

I can only agree that Corona for maya would be amazing....really looking forward to it!


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