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Hey everyone

If you're looking to get into Corona for Blender and are looking for some assets, we have just released a bundle pack for as cheap as we possibly can. This pack is for $2.99 - You will receive 80 tokens. This is equivalent to $160 when buying products individually from our store! Roughly a 98% discount

I sincerely hope this gives people more reasons to stay inside during this Covid19 crisis.

Hey everyone,

I've got a website offering tons of freebies for Blender with Corona. Including an asset manager which works with Corona too :). (including HDR support)

Feel free to check it out!

As a side note, congratz to Blender for getting funding from Ubisoft and Epic games. Really cool to see Ubisoft using Blender as its primary software in some of its studios. Its slowly becoming industry standard. HINT HINT Corona team ;)

Chaos Corona for Blender / What is "Use Material preview"
« on: 2019-03-17, 14:30:57 »

Just got 8.0.33 and saw there is a new option under the Add-on settings called "Use Material Preview" and it asks to open a specific folder. What folder should I put in there?

Thanks again for your hard work :D

Hey everyone.

Please check out our latest tutorial about how to get started with Corona!

If you want any other tutorials about Corona and how to get stuff to work then let me know :)

Learner’s Corner / First time 3DS
« on: 2018-10-23, 09:20:08 »
I usually use Blender with Corona but I thought I'd give 3DS a try as its got better functionality than Corona Standalone.

Hope you like my images :)

If i have a texture which is a roughness map but I need to plug it into the gloss input for Corona, I need to invert it so I use the tonemap shader.
However, the tone map shader invert button doesn't appear to work correctly and instead puts the gloss to almost 100% gloss/ignores the map altogether

If I use the colour ramp and switch the white and black input (to invert the texture) it works correctly.

If I use the tone map shader invert button. its wrong

If i set the gloss to 100%, it looks exactly the same as setting the tone map shader to invert.

So its almost as if the invert button just completely makes it ignore the texture altogether?

Chaos Corona for Blender / Free Blender/Corona ready models
« on: 2018-07-06, 00:12:31 »
Hey everyone!

Before I start, please excuse this promo... I've been a member on here for quite some time now and I mainly want to just give you guys some free models and help you out in Corona.

Myself and a very good buddy of mine have recently started a small shop online with models made in Blender for Cycles AND Corona. All the correct nodes are set up for both render engines.
We have recently started adding a bunch of materials too, so if you want to save time with setting up all the Corona nodes then do check it out :)

Anyway, if you sign up today for free, then you get 6 free tokens to spend on whatever you want. Plus most materials are free anyway and don't cost any tokens.

We plan to start releasing models for free every day in July, then finally the end of August is our main launch where we will release a huge set of models to start off our monthly themed model releases. Ultimately we just want to be incredibly cheap for everyone :) is the site :)

More importantly, I've love your feedback. Obviously matching the materials for both render engines can be a pain in the ass, so if you guys think we can improve any materials then please let us know. Anddddd please show me your renders if you use any of our models :D its the most rewarding thing in the world, and i'll feature you on our site!

Thanks :)

Chaos Corona for Blender / Issue with group nodes
« on: 2018-06-24, 21:56:50 »

I want to make a nice clean node group for both cycles and corona nodes. I want to feed in just the image textures for both render engines, but then hide all the mess. So i've put everything inside of one node group

However, when I render i'm presented with this message

Everything seems to work fine when not put into a node group.

Am I doing something wrong?

« on: 2018-04-26, 20:17:14 »
Hey Everyone,

I realised that the developer (or 2 developers? a small team nevertheless) is doing this as a hobby. He is literally making Blender compatible with Corona for fun and to help us guys out.
In a recent thread people noted that they would like to support the developer(s) if possible to allow for a quicker turnaround time with updates and bugs etc.

Lets keep the Blender community spirit alive and help this guy out! Corona is SUCH a great tool and we would all benefit from helping out a little bit. Personally, I feel like Corona should hire this guy, but this is the next best thing :D

I found his patreon site here:

Chaos Corona for Blender / Normal map weirdness
« on: 2017-11-20, 09:01:49 »
I've just started out with Corona and one of my biggest issues is that if i get a normal map, plug it into the normal map node and then output from DirectX and set it to "1", it works. But if i try to increase the strength to anything more than 1, it goes really weird and creates very odd shadows?

It doesn't increase the normal strength either, just creates unnecessary shadowing and looks terrible.

You can see in the images that Strength 1 looks far better than Strength 5. Is this an error? am i doing something wrong? I've love to increase normal strength just like in Cycles...

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