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Dear all,

We are mourning the unexpected passing of our beloved colleague Jaroslav Krivanek, who died as a result of an accident. We are deeply shocked. We loved Jaroslav and we will remember him as a great person, colleague, teacher and friend. He was the backbone of our R&D in Chaos Czech and a great leader.

We are sending our deepest condolences and sympathy to his family and loved ones.

Jaroslav was devoted to the lifting of our Chaos Research division. While we will carry on the development of Corona and related projects, our plans for a dedicated research department will have to be postponed.

My deep condolences to JaroslavĀ“s family, friends and the Corona team!

So sad to hear this terrible news. I was very pleased to have met him I think at least once at your offices over the years, and he was clearly having a great and positive impact on your R&D developments, which has been benefiting all of us. Best wishes from all of us to the whole team and condolences to his family.

sad news, I present my codolences to his family and loved ones

Shocking news... so sad. Condolences to his family and loved ones.
I met Jaroslav only once but he made a lasting impression on me. Can't imagine the loss that those close to him feel now.
My sympathies to the entire Corona team.


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