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Disable 3dsmax autosave for IR

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during interactive rendering, processor loaded on almost 100%. 3dsmax Autosave thus lasts very long. everything freezes.
If the scene is heavy, it can be very annoy.

maybe you do not use autosave, but to me it seems very useful. it would be great to block autosave during interactive rendering.

I use this script created by Jiovanie Velazquez. It makes autosaves very fast even if we are talking about heavy files and lets you have the history for each file you are working with separately. It interrupts rendering only for short time. That is realy great tool!

Put this script in any autostart folder. Actually it would be very simple to do (about 4 lines) if CoronaFP would finally work as expected in prerender event notifications directly, so do not wonder at it, I'm not aware of any other solution to get the current renderType there. Using the autobackup toolbar in Max 2023 you can monitor what's happening when using it live (but it works in older Max versions which lack the autobackup improvements and toolbar as well of course).

Good Luck

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is it possible to disable 3dsmax autosave from starting when we are in IR mode ?


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