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USD Support from Chaos?


Now Chaos has signed up to the OpenUSD Alliance will we be seeing integration from the corona side?
Im hoping that we can see some support from the corona side because currently we are in a walled garden.
Material X support as well as integration with USD would allow greater compatibility when working in multidisciplinary teams.

I note that Vray already has export compatiblity with these features;

* V-Ray shaders (materials and textures)
* Animation of shader parameters
* V-Ray lights
* Animation of VRayLight parameters
* V-Ray Displacement
* VRayInstancer
* VRayProxy
* V-Ray Physical Camera
* User-Defined object attributes with textures such as VRayUserScalar and VRayUserColor
* Native MaterialX materials through maxUSD
I understand that things are different than they used to be with regards to PR and what the team can say but the canned response of 'check the trello if its not there then keep your eyes peeled' really isnt helpful. It feels like with Vray the users wouldnt need to ask if the feature is coming because its an industry standard piece of software, of course its coming. With Corona though i feel i can never be sure if the software is going to keep up with the industry requirements of its user base.

There are no plans in the immediate future to work on USD support, sorry.

I appreciate your candour Tom thanks.


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