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Separate 'Size' Value for Corona Sun Caustics


This might be a niche request but I'd love the ability to specify 2 different size values for the sun (or any lights) to control how caustics appear independently from shadows etc.

Example, I've got a scene where I've got the Corona Sun size set to 2.5, the shadows look great, but I hate the pool caustics.  They're just too blurry.  And vice versa, if I change the sun size to 0.1, the caustics look incredible but the shadows now too harsh.

I appreciate this would be the reality, but sometimes aesthetics beats physics.

So it would be great to have 2 settings in the Sun, Size (Shadows) and Size (Caustics)


I understand your request, but this should be easily achievable using two suns (Using include and exclude) options.

Correct it is, but when you have multiple scenes with thousands of objects, other scenes xref'd in etc, a simple box with a number would be much much more efficient in all aspects.

+1, makes sense and saves time!


We have made a note of it for possible future consideration. We will let you know if there will be any updates on this.


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