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CoronaImageCmd - Export multiple elements



One feature that would be useful for CoronaImageCmd would be to be able to submit multiple render elements in one command.

Current Command:
--- Code: ---CoronaImageCmd.exe -e "BEAUTY" inputImage.cxr outputImage.jpg
--- End code ---
New Command:
--- Code: ---CoronaImageCmd.exe -e "BEAUTY, Alpha, CMasking_WireColor" inputImage.cxr outputImage.jpg
--- End code ---

In my personal batch exporter I need to submit one command for each render element, being able to condense it to one for all would be convenient. I know that * exists but sometimes I only need to export 2 or 3 specific elements.


Aram Avetisyan:

As you mentioned, running the command for each render element is the only way to do it. CoronaImageCmd.exe processes single render element or all of them at a time.

The syntax currently does not let you have multiple render elements in one line.
But even if you do, you would need to specify output names for each render element, don't you? Unless "input.cxr output.png" processes the render element names automatically.

Another possibility, for keeping only specific render elements only, is to run the CoronaImageCmd.exe without element input, so it processes all elements, then delete the unneeded ones with a script and regular expressions. Yes, tedious, but just an idea :)


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