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Saving PNG "as usual"


Hello team,
I spend around too many clicks saving my PNG images.

I usually saves them using the same settings, nevertheless, every time I do, I have to confirm those settings with a series of 6 clicks.

What I would like is a "Save as usual" line under the "Save" button rollout. Those settings could be configured somewhere in the Render Setup, or just use the same settings as the last save. Instead of picking a new name every time, it would be great if Corona decided to take "[3DS file name]_[Number+1].png" as default, and save it on the Desktop or wherever the 3D file is currently located.

It doesn't look like much, but that could change this:
1. Click on Save.
2. Click on where you want to save the PNG.
3. Click on filename, write a name.
4. Click on the format rollout, click on PNG.
5.Click on Save.
6.Click on Save again in the PNG Configuration pop-up.
(see attachment: the problem)

To this:
1.Hold-click on Save, release on "Save as usual".
(see attachment: the solution)

Multiply by amount of renders a day, save time :)
Thanks for your dedication to the users.

I'm afraid this is handled purely by 3ds Max, but we'll see.

+ 1 its a click marathon sometimes, i just want to save

Hello @swayne

I have logged this feature request to devs,  will see if there is something they can do.
As a workaround, I can suggest using maxscript.

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