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i refer to the comment on youtube

I would like to see that the chaos cosmos libary for foliage materials would be created much simpler, as shwon in the training, so that you didnt have to go thru all the values and change them

thanks in advance


Hi, which exact comment do you mean?
Also, could you share some specific assets from Cosmos where the material setup is not optimal?

Hello sorry for the late reply.

the attached file shows a typical tree from chaos cosmos. In the tutorial from the common point they explained how they set up their tree mats much mor simpler.

For example no map in the IOR Value and for the leafs you can use for example only one material instead of three (the bitmap is exactly the same) for color variance you could use corona multimap. and they show that there is no need for front back material. So everything is much easier to control. This would be a huge benefit in our everday work because we redo these steps every time.

thanks in advance


James Vella:
Front/Back, Translucency, Bump/Normal and Opacity is standard for vegetation.

I cant see your IOR map from this blurry screenshot however it would probably be the standard 1.5 so you can just ignore it.

Regarding comments like "we redo these steps every time" is very subjective, no software can tailor things exactly how you expect and usually tries to stick to industry standards. If you need things to work exactly how you expect then you can always hire someone for the day to build a material converter script, its not very complicated to automate.

Can you show a comparison of: Your Render/Material setup vs Cosmos Render/Material? I would be interested to see the difference. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

thanks for the reply, maybe if you watch the course you get my point its really alot faster and easier to control

didnt know it was released yet ;-) sorry


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