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OSL SHADER...long time waiting

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--- Quote from: leo3d on 2023-06-06, 15:40:32 ---why is the osl shader available for the Max version and not the C4D version? I thought you wanted to harmonize the 2 versions.

--- End quote ---
FWIW, Corona does not have OSL shader in 3ds Max, it only supports Max's native OSL shader.

thanks for your feedback. what would be the best way to use osl shader?

Hi Guys,

on our page we have a small yet a bit limited version of the parallax shader as corona compatible c4d native shader, working in C4D Corona render.
we never fully finished it as the OSL variants appeared free and we thought will come soon to c4d too. so we stopped or not updated the project.

the main current limitation is that the "inner wall" feature is not yet supported(only room walls floor and ceiling). and support for newest c4d versions needed to be updated.

one workflow difference is that it has seperate wall textures for each side(not one box texture) so if you want to use the ones around for sale you needed to seperate them in the 6 rectangles instead one  cross box texture.

if there is enough interest we could update it and add the inner walls. it seems somehow the osl isn't so near as we thought
tell me in case if it makes sense to extend and update this plugin?



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