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Hi everyone, I hope you guys have a great time.
I have a scene with a lot of scattering going on and i would like to know if it's better performance-wise to have less scatters and more scattered geometries inside or it's exactly the same if I have more scatters and less scattered objects (let's say that the total amount of scattered instances remains the same), Thank you!

To me it seems logical that having 1 scatter producing 1000 instances makes more sense than, for example, 10 scatters producing 100 instances each. That would be easier to manage from the user point of view, and also multiple scatters cannot interact with each other (yet) so things like collision avoidance would not work.

I will share here if I find out how it works performance-wise, but even if for some reason there is some small performance increase when using multiple scatters, I don't think it would make sense to sacrifice the ease of use. :)

Thanks a lot Maru, i'll wait just in case anyone has done any experiment and what's the difference. As you correctly mentioned if it's minor the most flexible solution wins :)

Aram Avetisyan:

It will be almost exactly the same, given the Scatters have the same options, and there are "a few" scatters. If you create too many (>100) scatter objects, of course giving away the usability, and have the same amount of instances in total, there will be performance decrease, as parsing much more unique objects will take more time.

For performance optimization, depending on the scene, viewing distance etc., you can get decent performance increase by using CoronaPattern as "base" for scatter, and having significantly less scattered instances. Distributing the total number of instances over multiple Scatter objects will more likely worsen the performance, and significantly affect the usability and control of all.


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