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Scatter over displaced surfaces


Hey guys,
I couldn't figure it out but that came to me, and I think there is no option for it. Is there a way to scatter over a displaced material?
As you can see, some of them get flying and others are hidden. For very small things that becomes a problem.

Scattering over the displaced surface is not supported yet. If that feature is important to you, you can cast your vote here: the option is called "render-time displacement support".

For the moment the workaround is to convert displacement to geometry and use it for scattering. You can optimize/approximate converted geometry to reduce polygon count and make it invisible for the render. Displaced surface would be used for visual representation and optimized geometry for scattering. I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for your reply, voted!
If you don't mind, how do you convert displacement to geometry in C4D? I don't remember to see that option available.

Sorry, can't help you here, in 3ds Max we have displace modifier and also there's an option to export Corona scene to standalone, which would bake displacement to geometry. I have no clue if any of these is available in C4D.


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