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Chaos Corona 9 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D released!


Chaos Corona 9 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D released!

Procedural Clouds, Corona Pattern, Edge Trimming for Chaos Scatter, Depth of Field for Fisheye Lenses, Out-of-Core Textures to save memory, Shutter Curves for motion blur… and more!

Full details and download:

* Procedural Clouds – Add detail to your Corona Sky, with animatable procedural clouds and airplane trails. You may never need an HDRI again.
* Corona Pattern – Tile geometry across a surface as easily as you’d tile a texture, for more realism while using less memory than a texture-based approach. Sample geometry to use with Pattern can be downloaded here.
* Edge Trimming in Chaos Scatter – a much requested feature to let you keep the edges of your Scatters neat and tidy.
* Out-of-Core textures – Let Corona automatically optimize the memory used for textures by enabling this optional feature.
* Shutter Curve for motion blur – Control the speed of the opening and closing of the shutter to control the look of your motion blur. Sample curves can be downloaded here.
* Depth of Field for Fisheye Cameras – An artistic effect not seen with real-world fisheye lenses.
* Chaos Scans – Simply download and apply a Scanned Material to get the ultimate in realism. Compatibility added, and your Premium subscription includes a Scans license.
* Chaos Phoenix – Corona has supported Phoenix for some years, but only a few users had it added to their toolset due to the significant extra cost. Now the perfect tool for making fire, smoke, water, and more is included in your Premium subscription.
* Chaos Player – An easy way to turn your image sequences into a video format. Now you won’t have to use a complex video editor that is overkill for your everyday needs. Included in the Premium subscription.
* And more!For this release, everyone gets a full 30-day trial period, even if you have used a trial before, to give you time to try out all the new features.
Remember, you can read about this release in detail over at


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