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Trying to scatter objects along both sides of a spline

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Hey guys!

I really need you help on this one. I'm trying to array two types of elements on a bunch of curved metallic tubes as shown on the attached image. These will be a bunch of really big chandelier on an auditorium. Objects must be scattered perpendicular to the normals of the tube and only on the sides of it, not on the top or bottom. They should also follow the ordered shown in the image: red, green, red, green, etc.

Is this a work for Chaos Scatter of should I look for something else?

Hi. I world try this:

I don't think you can set specific instances order in Chaos scatter. Railclone would likely be better suited tool for your task.

Two scatters? Each with the same distance set, but one has an offset? You could even mirror the scatter object first and set its pivot point to the middle? Would that work?

I just installed 3ds Max 2023.2 update this morning and what do you know, the new array modifier lets you achieve what you need very easily. Pretty powerful tool i must say.


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