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How to scatter objects in other scattered pieces


One Scatter for the jellies, so far working good. Now, how can I apply the suggar to all of them?
Also, do I have to have one Subdivision to each mesh inside the scatter? Because if I put them inside a null the Scatter will scatter the whole group which is not desirable.

Scattering groups/hierarchies is not supported at the moment by the Chaos Scatter. If you want this feature to be implemented sooner rather than later, make sure to visit this topic and cast the vote for most relevant features for you.

Yeah it seems not be some priority for most of people but we should be able at least to convert current state to object and then reapply scatter again.
Chaos scatter is such a great tool way lighter and faster than Cloner.

The only workaround I could find for this was to scatter the sugar on the jellies using a cloner and then making that editable. I then selected all the geometry and used the ''connect object & delete'' command. Once the jellies with sugar was one object, I then placed that into a Corona scatter. I hope that helps.


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