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Making clusters of vegetation with Chaos Scatter in C4D

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I'd like to create randomized clusters of vegetation on a landscape, while also having some areas that have no vegetation. Coming from Redshift, I would scatter with a matrix object, then add shader effector with a noise map to create clusters of certain plants/trees. You can get an idea in the reference image attached.

Using chaos scatter, would the best way to do this be setting the scale from 0% to 100% and adding a noise shader, so that anything that approaches 0% scale basically gets culled? I tried a quick test like this but so far haven't been able to get as good of results.

I watched the chaos scatter videos on Youtube, but they only go over very basic setups. Would be great if there could be a a more in depth scatter tutorial with a more realistic looking result.

Did you try to map density instead of scale? I think it should bring you closer to desired result.

That would be ideal, but I didn't see any options for mapping density. Did I miss it somewhere?

I'm a 3ds Max user, so i can't give you exact location, but try to search for it somewhere next to surface scattering.

I can't find any option to map the density - only translation, rotation, and scale.
There must be some differences between the Max and C4D versions.


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