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USD Support


Are there any plans to implement support for the USD file format in the near future?

Our current plans are on - if something is not on there, it's time to head to the Feature Requests section at and make a post there (well, actually to head there, search if there is already a post, +1 it if there is, start a new post if there is not ;) ).

Seeing as this is in Feature Requests I'm guessing it was moved here? But I'd like to make sure it has indeed been plotted down as a request, so +1 from me :)

About time we as a community tried to unify a lot of our work across packages for easier handling of back and forth


We logged this feature request in our system to be further reviewed by our devs. Feel free to add in more details why this would be more helpful to you and if you can let us know some scenario that would better help us understand your request.

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