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Corona in 2022: new features, visuals, licensing, and more!

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Corona 8 in 2022 will be a release like no other: new tone mapping, decals, Chaos Scatter, Chaos Cosmos, changes for new subscriptions — even a new logo! Let's explore it together in our latest blog post:

Too bad!!!!

Can you share more about what you mean? There's nothing bad there for existing customers, since nothing changes (pricing, or render nodes) for any subscriptions started from before the release of Corona 8 (other than getting all the new goodies).

There is a lot of good stuff in here for sure. Very happy to see Cryptomattes and the new tone mapping!

I hope the new pricing for render nodes does not mean an increase in our cost for cloud rendering though.

Either way it looks to be a big leap for Corona. Now lets just make it even fast please :) haha


Im searching a word of hope to see if it will be something related to chaos vantage in the future

Can you answer that if is possible?



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