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Mask with coronascatter


Hello everyone.

I'm trying to create a mask from trees/grass produced with corona scatter. I tried to select a coronascatter  object with CMasking render element, but it just renders black. I can't think of another way to do it, do you have any ideas?

Thank you

Go to your object properties of your scatter instances and change the object ID on your G-Buffer to 1
then in your Cmasking render element tick object Gbuf ID and change to 1. If you want to separate the elements from each other use RGB Mode and assign a unique ID to each.

Mferster, thank you! I mistakenly changed the object ID of the cscatter object instead of the instanced objects.

Currently this is a limitation - you either need to use another method as suggested, or you need to select the scattered (source) objects, not the CScatter object itself.


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