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Scatter populating oustide plane

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Hello. Im trying to create some relaistic grass in a plane next to the pool.

Im using this model to populate the plane using corona scatter.

The results are pretty convincing but some of the grass is populated oustide the plane. I understand the scatering tool uses the model's pivot to put inside the plane. So, my final result is some grass inse the water wich is next to the plane.

Any chance to hide that or avoid populate outside the plane?

Here's a thread where similar problem was successfully solved:,9630.0.html You may want to take a look at it.

Thanks for your reply Romullus. I ve checked it and the the vertex map technic is not an accurated solution for my problem. That was the first thing come to my mind when looking for a solution.

Is there any better way to solve that? As you can see in the attached image, some grass is populated going outside the limits of my grass plane.

I was thinking maybe create some kind of poligon surrounding the plane wich can be used as a mask and will hide the scatter object when rendering...

And idea?


You don't necessarily have to use vertex colours for that. Use bitmap mask if you like. In fact it's not necessary to use second scatter either, everything can be achieved in the same scatterer with density or scale maps. Actually there's very fresh official Corona tutorial that's addressing exactly your situation. Here it is:

Another idea is to use distance tex to cut off scattered objects which are outside of some specified area.


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