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hello , how can i achive to scatter grass on  big areas, but donĀ“t wannt to slow down rendering process. If count number in scatter is set to 1-100 000, rendering speed is OK, but if i set it to +/- 10M, it slow down highly
, any tip, to solve it? THX

I do not know how you are doing this, but if you are scattering single grass blades (one grass blade is selected as the scattered object), then it will definitely work much better if you create a simple object consisting of multiple grass blades, and then scatter those. So the rule is not 1 blade x 1000, but 100 blades x 10.

THX a lot maru , gonna try it.

Not sure what your scene is like... but you can also apply this trick [fifth post down (,9728.0.html )] to only scatter on surfaces your camera sees.


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