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All viewport mode interactive rendering feature requests

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internal note: id=249850128

Well not exactly for the menu, but these are the functions that would help to improve IR a lot.

- set focus
- select objects, materials
- assign materials with drag and drop
- rotate/pan viewport
- read/see Lux values

Both in the floating and in the extended viewport IR.

sorry if I wrote them in the wrong place

Frequently I try to work with docked IR because it's more tidy in the first instance.

But there is one very basic issue and I abandon it sooner or later every time for that reason:

The FB gets cleared after stopping it! Why? I want to be able to look at the image again and again to think about what has to be done next while going on with the work. But I stare at a Corona logo instead.

I know that one can copy the content to max but why so cumbersome? Please just leave the content alone until next restart/update.

Good Luck

Yes please. That is something i always wanted, but was affraid to ask :]

+2 Yes please. That is something I always wanted, and actually asked for :)


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