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Load specific UHD Cache files for specific animation frames


Hi all!

Never explored the UHD cache for animations, have always just left it calculating from scratch as I always have objects moving around and didn't want to take any chances. I wondered if this would be a useful ability for when objects and / or lights are moving in an animation?

- Set Max to render every x frames (1 second time limit for each frame to save on rendering unneeded passes - or a checkbox for "calculate UHD cache only") and save the UHD cache, and this would save with the frame number. Let's say every 20 frames is chosen, so we get UHDCache_0000.uhd, UHDCache_0020.uhd, etc.

- Set Max to render the animation and load the UHD cache. For frames 0 to 19, it uses UHDCache_0000.uhd. At frame 20, it recognizes a new version of the UHD cache is there, and for 20 to 39 it uses UHDCache_0020 for those. 40 to 59 it uses UHDCache_0040.uhd. Etc.

Most flexible would be if the load sequence didn't have preset values it was looking for but simply recognized the most recent UHD cache to use vs the frame it is rendering so we could do things like frame 0 to 300 nothing moves except the camera so create and use UHDCache_0000.uhd, 301 to 450 there are object movements so create and use a cache every 20 frames, 451 to 600 a major light moves so create and use a UHD cache every 5 frames.

Not sure if this would be possible, and not sure how much benefit it might offer trading calculating the UHD cache versus calculating which one to load?


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