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Threshold parameter for the "Remove fireflies" denoising mode



is it possible to change this limit, maybe between 1-10?
I have some situation, where 1 isn't enough to remove my fireflies.
With 1, Corona does a good job, but, I would need something like 5 or 10 =)
Or maybe, from 0 to 1, but with a threshold of fireflies sampling.


If you're talking about "denoise amount" then it's actually only a blend value between firefly remover/denoiser and the clean unprocessed Beaty render. So higher than 1 would mean more than 100% processed image.

I think this should be done in another way.

BTW: Jonathan DeBlock has written a firefly removal script - you could try that. He has written about it on this forum. Otherwise it can be found in Nvidias mental ray blog. I've tried it long time ago, and found it quite usefull (then).

No, you didn't understand...

with Denoise set as "Only remove fireflie", you have only one parameter: "Denoise amount"
But, I would like to have a new parameter, like Denoise threshold.
So, you can tell to Corona, how much bright must be the pixels, to be removed.

For example, I had much better result with Photoshop, than with Corona...

"Full denoising" is another, completely, different story.


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