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Corona Wire - different properties for different object edges



I would like to ask for a small feature that utlities some of the new features in 3ds max.
Corona Wire is a powerull tool for me, using it as a tile grounding, or mirror "edges" and all sorts of details, sometimes even to fake dispersion.

But I noticed a lot of limitations, anyway is it possible to make the CoronaWire work with new "CreasSet" modyficator? To make it work in Similar way as material ID's

I know its just a "feature" nothing crucial but would be really usefull at some scenarios.


I didn't fully understand the message, so here are explanations: something like material ID, but for geometry edges, not faces. So using Corona Wire you could make different edges have different thickness, color, etc...

yep, can you clarify?

The clarification is in my message. :)
So apparently in Max there is something that allows you to assign different IDs to edges (CreaseSet modifier). OP's request is to make it possible for Corona Wire map to take this into account and assign different color/thickness/other parameters to different edges on a single object.


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