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Problem scattering trees with my different CoronaMultimap material setup.

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Hi guys,

I have the following problem. I have three different tree groups. Per group there is an object of leaves, and an object of trunks. I have set a 'materialByElement' modifier for the leavesopbject, set to three id's. I use this in combination with corona multimap set to ID's, to have three different colored leaves in the total tree. I also use further in the Leaves material a corona multimap to add diffference between the trees themselve, using the instance mode.

This works like i want to, but there is a problem when i want to scatter the three trees. Corona Scatter does not seem to work with groups. But i need the trunk and the leaves as different objects, or else my leaf material setup won't work. I attached images of the tree (with modifief selected on the leaves). And a material setup of the leaves.

In a nutshell, i want to use this material setup, resulting in three different colours per tree, and having difference between the instanced trees. And i want to scatter them using Corona Scatter.

Maybe i am totally over complicating this, and maybe my question is not that clear even, but i hope someone will have some thoughtfu linsights ont his matter.

I figured it out myself.

First use MaterialByElement to give percenteges of the leaves different id's ranging from 1 till 3. than set id of bark to 4. Than attach the leaves to the bark into one object. Make surf the id's don't get altered. In material setup set first multimap for the leaves to id, with 3 different maps. Creat another multimap and use the first as input (with two of them color corrected) Set this one to instance. Volia, multimap per tree itself, and difference between the instanced trees.

I'm a bit late. :)
I had almost the same idea, but tried to make it as non-destructive as possible, so I assigned ID 4 to the trunk, and then selected the leaves and used material by element modifier only on those leaves. I'm not sure if it has any advantages over your method. :)

Looks good! Thanks for taking time to look into my problem.

In a way i think i did the same trick as yours. Only i gave the id's when the leaves and the truck were still separate, and than attached them into one object.  You did the trick just with one object (never had them seperated?)  Still the result works in both cases :)

Hello there,

I tried both of your solutions but unfortunately i ran into some trouble.  I have a collection of trees where the tree is already subdivided in mat ids where 4 is for the leaves.  I would like to apply a randomly a variation of the leaf as you succeeded but I could not find a way to properly apply the modifiers to the existing mesh with the existing material in place.  I am attaching the file with the original material to see if you help me.  Thanks in advance.



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