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Hi all,
I am rendering an interior, might have about 20 spots, sun and sky but the render times to get to 3% noise is about 9 hours for a 2k image.  I am also using dof (corona 9).  It was a few large windows.  At the end of the 9 hours the noise is little but are there things I should be looking for to reduce this time, I can live with 2 hours but not 9 per image. 


What is your PC specs? 9 hours for 2K image can be way too long for decent machine, but also can be expected for 10 years old low-spec computer. It also would be helpful to see VFB performance tab while rendering that scene, together with the rendering itself. Also consider using denoiser, depending on the scene and your quality expectations, you can easily cut render times in half, or even more.

Hi, thanks, I hace 64 gb of ram, i9- 7980xe @2.6GHz (not sure how good this is these days)
Rays/sample:142, passes 20.  I can show the render directly as it's  a paid job nda.  I have juat taken off dof, removed all glass and tweaked max samples and max Ray deth to see if that helps

I don't see any red flags in performance tab. Rays/sample is on the high side, maybe because of some complex materials, lighting and/or DOF, but it's not uncommon to have higher rays/sample in interior scenes.

Regarding your PC, you can compare it to others in Corona benchmark: but in general it's pretty capable CPU, definitely should be able to render 2K interior in much less than 9 hours.

Thanks for taking a look, I will try to break down the scene.  I was thinking about upgrading my computer and looking at the Threadripper 7980X, I couldn't see that as a bench mark on the link but guessing it will be at least twice as fast as what I currently have


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