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corona 11 / max ocio config

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is there a manual somewhere that explains how to set up Corona 11 and the native 3dsmax OCIO config ?

somehow, it is not applied when rendering...


Actually, it seems that in order to actually see the effect of the 3dsmax OCIO, you need to click on the ">MAX" button to see the rendering in the max vfb instead of the corona VFB ?

Correct ?

any info or updated manual on this ?

Dalton Watts:
I feel your pain. This is something I find the Corona team has to improve. Features are added and no support material is centralized to help out the users. I know some info could be in the "forum feature playgrounds" but sometimes it is buried in 50+ forum pages.

Aram Avetisyan:
We are preparing a Color management article, which will probably answer your questions.
For now, I can tell that the 3ds Max's Color Managed workflow is not fully supported in combination with Corona, so some limitations are expected.


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