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Color bleed on walls


Hi Guys
I had a bit of a look but can't seem to find an answer- anyone experienced this wired color around the corners- there is no AO on the wall or ceiling material  - light is coming from the sun and sky and it not coming from the light in the bedroom as I have a light mix and its still there from when turned off. I have a feeling it is coming from the sky ? be interested to hear what you think, it seemed to be less of an issue when using an HDRI Maybe it's just the lighting setup. I seem to get in on a lot of my renders.  Its only a small thing but be nice to get it clean then add in my AO once it's clean. It could be the geometry not welded up there too maybe 


I think I worked it out I think its a shadow from a blind

Nejc Kilar:
Thank you for the update! Glad you've resolved it :)


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