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backburner - possible error with licencing, not sure

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It's a proof that Corona did not load at all. And at the end of the log (starting at 12:45:36) you can see a failed spawn attempt of the CoronaDRServer and a quite unambiguous line:

2023/09/22 12:45:59 INF: [14196] [25392] SYSTEM: Production renderer is changed to Missing Renderer. Previous messages are cleared.

--- Quote from: 3dboomerang on 2023-09-22, 11:14:37 ---I installed the corona render-NODE version

--- End quote ---

Not sure what you mean here. Could it be that you only installed DrServer accidentally? DrServer is just a "spawner" that launches and controls Max. You need a Max with fully installed Corona for that version to use it as render node - no matter if using BB or DrServer or any other client/server setup. You'd have to tick "3ds Max 2023" if you do a custom install. Reinstalling with the correct options should solve it.

Good Luck

Reinstalled the whole thing top to bottom (corona and chaos licence server) - Works now -_-

It is a typical experience for me in case of Backburner errors:
- Uninstall Corona, reinstall Corona
- Reboot the PC
- Uninstall Backburner, reinstall Backburner
- Reboot the PC
- Now everything works

Backburner also has its own equivalent of the 3ds Max ENU folder, which you sometimes may want to rebuild:


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