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backburner - possible error with licencing, not sure

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Hi, Im having issues with getting my rendernode working through backburner, and i'm hoping it's an easy fix:

The backburner manager is on my workstation and is giving me errors when the node starts picking up a job:

see attached "manager"

They're both (workstation + rendernode) connected to backburner, no issues to "connect":
see attached "submitting"

However, the node's server is reporting the following when trying to boot the render process:
A bunch of missing dll's from corona followed with a could not read/write to type message...
see attached "node-server"

Both the workstation and rendernode are connected to a NAS through a router which I assume assigns and handles the IP. This is a pretty straightforward process in the past and has always worked, it sets itself up automaticaly. I'm also assuming it's set up correctly because they're actualy connected and I can see them both in the backburner monitor, so I have no reason to think it's IP or v4 / v6 related...

I installed the corona render-NODE version and did the chaos licencing application, seems to work fine I reckon.

Any input appreciated.

Btw when using the workstation as a backburner server with the "normal" corona licence, it renders fine as a "node".


at a first glance this looks to me as if the beast does not load Corona at all, or any old version. Can you post the max.log of the rendernode as well?

Good Luck

where and how


Good Luck

here you go, not sure this says anything more


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