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Turn off max displacment but keep Corona displacment


Not sure if this is an option, I can't find anything in the setting. I'm fairly new migrating back to Corona from VRay after a while with the latter.

I have a few objects with displacment textures, when I have a Corona displacment modifier on top, they work fine, taking the map from the material. When I turn off this modifier it interprets the displacment via the Max scene units (meters in this case, so the object blows up)

I VRay there was an option to interpret the displacment via a set figure (1x scene unit by default I think) which could be turned off so that displacment only happened if a Displacment modifier was present and turned on.

Is there similar in Corona?

The reason I ask is I'm trying to debug some displcment that is looking wrong on an object, so wanted to just see with/without by flicking the modifier on and off.

James Vella:
Personally I dont use this option but maybe worth a try. In render settings there is a displacement option, also in the modifier. Is that what you are after?

Displacement is always using scene units, that is true for settings in material, as well as in displacement modifier. Most likely the reason why your displacement is "blowing up" when you turn modifier off, is because displacement min/max level is set too high in material. You need to find that material and adjust displacement level there. There is no global displacement multiplier in Corona, in fact  i'm having hard time to imagine how that could work.

Could you explain why exactly you are interested in this feature? What's the use case for using any other units for displacement than physical scene units like centimeters or inches?


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