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Noise in a specific area


SL Design:
Hello! I rendering an animation now and my image is super clean and noise free but when it comes to the side mirror it has it's noise and it changes every frame and creat a moving noise when I playback the animation.

is their a way to focus on reducing noise in a specific area or do i need to render longer the whole image? If i let it render more the flakes and details in the car paint goes away

Aram Avetisyan:

You may render longer or use a denoiser. Try different denoisers, if you aren't already.

You can as well turn on "Lock sampling pattern" in render settings to have the noise locked in place, this may help in reducing the perceived noise and flicker in animations.

Other than that, you can as well try reducing the noise in the post using various applications and plugins.

Nejc Kilar:
Just to maybe add to the above, you mentioned that you're loosing details if you let things render longer? In that case I'd be inclined to think what you are seeing are not flakes but rather noise?

If it were flakes I would expected them to not disappear with more samples.

What I sometimes do in these situations is I render a mask for the part that is noisy - rear view mirror in your example. Then in Resolve / Premiere / whatevs I would duplicate my animation to a second video track and go with really high denoising settings on it. Then I'd mask it out using the mask we created when rendering.

Alternatively, I also sometimes render out a VirtualBeauty pass from Corona with the denoising there set to full on 1. Then I use that in a similar manner as described above to get the noisy parts to be less noisy.

SL Design:
Thanks for all the good solutions! I will deffently keep this in mind! Sometiems I know when i render and have denoiser it reduce the flakes but then I skip the falkes maybe it's noise and i have to small flakes in the car paint! But great solutions!


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