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Corona crashing when rendering in 3ds Max

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My 3ds Max scene has been crashing every time I'm trying to render it using Corona render. I'm attaching the dump file as somebody may be able to help me use it to figure out what is going wrong. I'm relatively new to Corona so am unsure what exactly is the problem. Thank you

Is it with just one particular scene? If yes, Try merging the entire .max file into a new scene and see if it still happens.

Does it still happen when all the materials are replaced with a generic material in material override? I

If it's still happening then it's geometry related and then just try importing half of the scene until you find whats causing the issue.

Hello, thanks for sharing the minidump. Which version of Corona and 3ds Max you are using?

Would be possible to share the problematic scene as well?

Hi Nazar, I am using Corona 10 (hotfix 1). I've uploaded the file at the provided link so you can check it out for for yourself. Thanks for the help!

Hi mferster, I gave your tips a go. I was able to merge all of my assets/geometry into a new scene but it left me without materials. I tried material override in the original scene and it rendered both a still image and the beginnings (this is more than before) of an animations frames. So does this mean it's a material issue? And how would I go about pinpointing that? (editing to add that the animation render crashed even with material override after a few frames rendered)

Here is a link to the scene if you think you'd have an easier time looking at it yourself:

moderator's note: the link was removed, because the file contains commercial third-party assets that not allowed to be shared publicly


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