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Issue with DR & Batch Render rendering multiple cameras at once


The image below was rendered with 3ds Max's built in Batch Render tool with DR turned on. The head on view is incorrectly rendered from the active viewport through a DR node. The angled view is the correct camera being rendered through Batch Render from the main computer.
I've never had issues with these tools before, has anyone run into this and found a solution? Both machines are using the same version of Corona and Max.

was your viewport locked to some different viewport other than the active camera viewport?

Viewport wasn't locked. I don't know the exact cause but it has to do with batch rendering a camera in the linked file. Seems to be more an issue with batch render than with distributed rendering.

I'd suggest locking the viewport, there'd be no guarantee that the "other running version of Max" will have the same viewport set up so that might cause it to be randomly blending two different images. Not sure, as I always lock my viewport :)

Hi, do you by any chance have more than 1 camera with the same name? This can cause issues in batch rendering, Backburner, etc, because sometimes Max will render from one camera and sometimes from another.


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