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* 3ds Max Direct Light and Corona Area Shadows problem
* Masking corona lights with texturemaps as source
* Light intensity
* Corona sun angle?

* how to smooth crisp edges in displacement?
* Displacement precompute time takes too long in Backburner

                                                                                                           Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Volumetrics

* motion blur problem. I want to achieve blur like in vray but I can't.
* God Rays - troublesome
* Speckles/Fireflies when motion blur is on
* Depth of field not working

                                                                                                           Interactive rendering

* Interactive render results does not match with regular render
                                                                                                           Render Elements

* ZDepth Filtering for Frischluft Lenscare, and Post DOF General Advice?
* Render Pass MASK ID showing objects with Visibility 0 ? :(
* How can i get render element for light of hdri?
* render elements: CESSENTIAL_Volumetrics

                                                                                                           Corona Scatter

* Vertical alignement of instances
* Edge borders
* Camera culling
* Density map for distribution plane borders
* Deriving mapping from scattering object
                                                                                                           Corona Proxies

* All Hidden geometry still in ram!
* corona proxy exporter - window does not open
* convert animated proxy
* Corona proxies and associated materials


* coronamtl properties name for maxscript
* what is the script name for IR in extended viewport?
* MSX: How to get the same dialog as the exclusionListDlg() of the render dialog
* adding some shortcut buttons


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