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                                                                                                           Render Settings

* Foliage animation render settings
* Custom bokeh
* How to render reflections in biased mode (no GI)
* .exr import gamma
* time estimation for a render
* resume render
* PT/PT vs PT/UHD for exterior shots?
* Image filter with corona
* Corona render selected
* Turn off caustic globally?
* Region render
* Questions about UHD cashe
* Decrease in performance
* Corona 1.3 save at intervals question
* [SOLVED] Autosave enabled by default?
* Internal resolution question
* UHD Cache Needs Additional Precomp Method
* Render Passes
* Tips to help reduce dancing highlights and bad AA in high contrast areas?
* White dots visible in render

                                                                                                           Scene Setup

* Liquid in Glass problem
* Creating underwater Scene
* Juice in a Glass - Free C4D Scene
* HDRI and Color Space
* HDR map
* HeatHaze
* Only shadows on a transparent export
* What is the best way to light a scene with strong artifical lights, in corona?
* IES in reflections and IDs behind glass
* Which one is the proper way to use portal for this scenario ?
* Matte/shadow catcher issue
* Hair&Fur 3ds Max
* Refraction IOR below 1.0
* glass in front of backplate
* Help with caustics
* Using hdri and backplate together
* Self-Illumination 'Standard Material Style'?
* video mapping
* Window doubled panel reflection , and material
* Corona 1.2.1 displacement problem
* Animation
* Render an image inside the model (Wine Label)
* Render an image inside the model (Wine Label)
* to much time to render realistic pebble
* How to achieve particular mood
* Help bouncing photons (and other stuff)

                                                                                                           Distributed Rendering

* Network rendering error
* DR node not picking up work
* DR Render Elements
* Problem with the distributed rendering!
* DR problem
* Distriputed Rendering including your own machine
* Corona DR
* Rendernode with long "Computing secondary GI"
* Distributed Rendering takes ages to get data from nodes
* Distributed rendering randomly crashes
* Should DR/BB nodes reload the max file for every frame?
* [solved by re-installing]More DR problems
* Backburner render times wildly different
* Distrubuted render crasches
* Dark bars are still a problem!
* DR render problems


* Soap Material
* Corona Ocean shader - like Mental Ray
* Holl polycarb material help
* Hair shader help in corona
* Fabric
* SSS Pancake
* Polyurethane foam material
* Lit Acrylic Sign Material
* Cartoony Shader!!
* Realistic snow in Corona
* Curtain material exposure background
* composite materials wtih 2 or more materials
* 1.3 Bump Strength Change?
* Corona SSS for dummies ?
* Glossiness, "Corona Converter" and "Falloff Map" Party
* Texture to avoid pure white walls
* sss material
* Patina on metal?
* Material for tree leaves
* Translucent Milky Plastic
* 3dsmax default maps
* Getting a falloff map to work in shadow/light-mode.
* Brick wall material settings or suggestions
* How to use material libraries
* Round Corners - Daily builds
* Best way to make a lampshade look Turned on
* Light material in Ray-Switch


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